About US:

Aras Global History:
    Aras Global was founded at 1995, to work as a specialized International Trade and production company.. The aim was to serve big corporations and other companies in the their own fields with its accumulated knowledge in its specialized areas. To achieve its aim, Aras Global first became SODI's distributor for Turkey and started to market Go Kart cars. Itaka Go Kart accessories distributorship soon followed SODI. Since 2005 we expanded our areas of expertise from Amusement Rides & Plays , Construction Equipments , Turnkey hospital solutions, XD Cinema Systems , Motorcycle ATV vehicles , Trackless Fun Trains to CNC&Universal Machines.
    Aras Global , by constantly searching new products and service methods and by implementing them aims to be the leader in Amusement and Inddustry markets. While doing this, Aras Global also tries to set and example to the community that it is living in by following ethical rules and by respecting its duties.
    Aras Global is a Trade and service company; so its business model has been set up accordingly to work with its solution providers. For every product that Aras Global represents, Aras Global markets, sells, supports, gives sales and technical training, and provides consultancy when necessary. Since its establishment Aras Global was privileged to take part in some of the biggest projects in Turkey , Middle East and CIS countries.